Galli (The Lane )

Galli (the Lane )

Galli (The Lane ) | Marathi | HDV | 19 min | Short Film | Short Film (2015)


Galli (The Lane) is about the people and the Life in the Lane . The Lane in the times of a modern small town India which is restless and wants to break free from its shackles of convention, moral and existential crisis and the rigid socio-cultural structure. The Film tries to explore the incidents happening in Seven days time . It highlights the contrasts, similarities , paradoxes , randomness and abstractness of contemporary human life with the universal themes of Birth, Trust , loneliness , Frustration , Friendship , Happiness and Death. There are Fifteen stories in two forms which try to define LIFE and The Lane connects them.


Galli (The Lane), has been pre-selected during the session of screenings of Venice International Film Festival held in Mumbai by Paolo Bertolin , but in the finals it could not be selected.